For Peace Officers in the State of California …

I hear there will be another wave of layoff soon.  Whether you will be affected or not, it’s always good to have your options open.  The following are a few things good for you to consider:

  • What are my transferrable skills? 

Many of us are used to doing one job or have had multiple jobs in the past, and we were good at it, but now things are changing and you need to look for other jobs where you can use your skills.  This is what My Skills My Future is for.  Not only can you see what other jobs you can get, but you can also do your job search here. 

  • “I don’t have a resume”

The following links can be your best friends while building a resume:  O*Net can help you with wording your tasks correctly for a resume.  Your other best friend is CalJOBS  Yes, we have a limit of 500 characters in our job description and you can only post up to five jobs.  You still need to enter your full resume here and log-in at least every sixty days, otherwise your account is inactive and UI will think you’re not looking for work.  Also, companies can look for potential employees and post jobs for free (other sites such as Monster and Careerbuilder charge employers to look at a resume or post a job).

  • “I think I want to go back to school”

Great!  Start by applying for financial aid at FAFSA  Also, go into the ASSESSMENT tab to further explore your skills or prepare for standardized testing.  Then go to the EDUCATION section to explore schools. 

  • “… I’m stressing, I have a house payment and I’ll be collecting unemployment” 

The KEEP YOUR HOME CALIFORNIA program may be your answer. Many people have been asisted by this program, yet not many know about it.  Pass the word along …

  • “More about looking for work … “

Most of our job seach has to be done online these days, make sure you visit your nearest One-Stop Career Center for the location nearest you to get assistance with your resume, job search, or take one of our workshops for job seekers.  (make sure you call in for information first, and don’t forget to bring your California ID and social security card, or passport, or permanent resident card)  

Once your resume looks its best, make sure to post it online on the job search website of your choice.  You want to make sure the employer can get a hold of you, so it is better if you use your mobile phone instead of your home phone.  Also make sure your eMail address looks professional.  Having an address such as is better than having something more personalized like  

Good luck!!!

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